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Product Name:Trenbolone Acetate,Tren A,TRA
CAS No:10161-34-9
Molecular Formula:C20H24O
Molecular Weight:312.41
Assay:99% min
Quality Standard:USP/ISO9001
Appearance:White to light yellow crystalline powder
Supply Ability:500-800kg/month
Storage:Store at 8℃-20℃, protect from moisture and light.

Trenbolone Acetate Applications:
Trenbolone acetate(Tren A)is a pharmaceutical version of the steroid hormone trenbolone.It is a potent androgen, meaning it shows high affinity for bonding with the androgen receptors in muscle tissue.
because trenbolone acetate can be utilised in any cycle type,and compliments any other compounds very well,it is the most versatile anabolic steroid next to Testosterone itself.Moreover because its faster acting nature allows users to start and stop use of the drug very fast,with only a matter of days before the hormone completely clears from the body.Moreover long-estered anabolic steroids like Trenbolone Enanthate,the time required for the hormone to reach peak and optimal circulating blood plasma levels is considerably longer than short-estered variants.Recommended dose 50mg-200mg per week range.

Effect of Trenbolone Acetate:
Trenbolone Acetate increasing muscle strength,Fat Burning,Improving stamina,but it will bring some effects like:cause high blood pressure and insomnia,as well as marked aggression and an increased sex drive.Some users have experienced night sweats and coughing episodes etc…

Payments & Shippment Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: No MOQ
Delivery Time:3-7 business days door to door
Payments:Western Union,Bank Wire and Bitcoin

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